Dalek Doris


I have been a Dr Who fan for many years and have always loved the Daleks. Therefore, I have decided to have my own Dalek machine. Dalek Doris is a home made dalek replica based on the new series of DR WHO, Dalek Doris is a hybrid Dalek incorporating the NSD (New Seasons Dalek) and the classic Dalek.

It is made mostly of MDF with a few metal parts. The dome and skirt is of course, made of fibreglass. It does everything the television Daleks do. It moves on a Shoprider mobility scooter. Top Speed 10mph, and there is a voice modulator built in and the dome lights also flash, so it is loaded with special effects.

The main events I am interested in are charities, mainly Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, plus lots more. So if you have a charity event lined up and you’d like Dalek Doris to make an appearance, then just let me know. Of course, for charity events, he will appear for free. After all, it's for charity. When he does appear, you will be able to have your picture taken with him, plus you will also be able to ask him questions too. Dalek Doris is also bi-lingual - the only welsh speaking Dalek in the Universe!

Our Dalek will be available to any charity or fund raising organisation that feels our Dalek might be able to help in their fund raising activities. He will also be available for private events such as birthday parties, christmas parties, etc. So if you are organising a fund raising event or a party and want to do something a little different, maybe our Dalek could help you. We are also members of the Charity Dalek squad, if we can’t help you, then we know a Dalek that can.

If you choose our services for charity all of the funds collected by the Dalek are passed on to your charity, we take nothing! Our services are provided free of charge to organisations that satisfy our events criteria.