Dalek Doris


Dizzy was inspired by the genius that is Mark Enright from Podpad studios. The droid is based on a R2D2 chassis. This is a steam punk style droid made from spare parts. Driven by two wheelchair motors and running at 24 volts via two electrolize motor controllers and operated by the usual 2.4 ghtz radio controlled system.

This style of droid runs around on two 20 inch BMX style wheels that gives it its drive, with a series of led illuminated valves, with a polycarbonate mirror reflecting the rear, making it look like the heartbeat of the droid.

Being steam punk it is the cross between Victoriana, Industrial steam and new technology. Many of the industrial parts are ex service units that are past their safety use and would otherwise be scrapped.

Dizzy is equipped with the traditional R2D2 head and legs and feet with rocket booster pods strapped to its feet. As with the steampunk style, Dizzy has its own smoking chimney (another Podpad design credit !) with a digital steam engine and whistle sound system.

Dizzy has currently done three exhibitions within the last month and is proving to be one of the most popular robots, we don’t think she will outshine Dalek Doris….