Dalek Doris


The first of the fleet of our interactive robots, built in 2010, this cheeky little chap was the one that started off our journey of building, conventions, travelling, celebreties. This iconic style has been popular for generations, that well known dog from the Tom Baker era of Dr Who, and the Sarah Jane adventures.

Built from fiberglass, this 2.4 Ghtz Digital radio controlled full size replica of K9 has had many facelifts during its development, but substantially built on a chassis that is driven by two wheel chair motors, and running at 24v via a Sabertooth motor controller, which makes him ultra fast and very responsive.

After many years of building interactive exhibits, experience has shown me that whatever is built has to have the WOW factor as well as kiddy proof. Several alterations to the running of K9, now see him running on two 17Ah dry cell batteries that will enable him to run for several hours of reliable operation.

Special effects are always a key feature to enhance any items, in this case K9 has several.

We have been very fortunate to have worked with John Leeson( the voice of K9) on many occasions, and had him autograph K9’s bum!! Matt Irvine( current builder and operator of K9) also signed K9’s bum !! after having a mini (robot wars) dog fight. We have been lucky to work with Bob Baker a number of times, and is such a delight to see and hear Bob’s creative developments, and see how the new ideas and the original K9 concept was developed. Sadly Eizabeth Sladen known as Sarah Jane passed away in 2011 before we got the chance to meet her. Hopefully we can get the opportunity to meet with Tom Baker at some future date.